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Direct Okinawan Lineage

Tode Sakugawa

Tode Sakugawa - Suibukan of IndianaPeriod of time: 18th aeon
"Tode" Sakugawa was born in 1733 in Shuri, Okinawa. He is considered a pioneer in the development of Karate. He studied under Peichin Takahara and Kusanku, who was a Chinese military attaché stationed in Okinawa. Sakugawa is known to have made several trips to China where he combined Chinese kenpo techniques with Okinawa-te. Through Sakugawa, the kata Kusanku was introduced. Also, important innovations were the Sakugawa Bo Form and dojo kun (dojo etiquette). Sakugawa is known to have studied the staff in China and later lived in the Akata village, Shuri. He taught the use of the staff to his most significant student Sokon "Bushi" Matsumura.

We are the 3rd generation of Midwest Karate Academy, a martial arts school in South Bend, IN. It was founded by Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita and Sensei James Ninios over 50 years ago. Kyoshi Jerry Wroblewski ran it for over 40 of those years. Today, Shihan Kris Gravender and Shidoin Brian Bengtsson continue its legacy and tradition as Suibukan of Indiana, an homage to Osensei Yamashita's organization.

Suibukan of Indiana is an affiliate martial arts school of Yamashita International Budo Association