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Direct Okinawan Lineage

Shugoro Nakazato

Shugoro Nakazato - Suibukan of IndianaPeriod of time: 1919-2016
Described as a "one punch artist" by some of his American students, Nakazato has developed his karate sparring into a fine fighting art. He first started karate training in 1935 under Seiichi Iju at Minato ward, Sakai City, Osaka, staying with him until 1940. At the same time Nakazato trained in the kobudo weapons bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa and nichokama under Seiro Tonaki. Next, Nakazato entered the Japanese army, where he taught bayonet and military discipline to new recruits on the mainland. He returned to Okinawa to become a student of Chosin Chibana. In 1951 Nakazato opened a dojo in conjunction with Chibana, which he called The Chibana Dai Ichi Dojo. In 1955, after receiving his shihan license from Chibana, Nakazato opened his present dojo at Aja, calling it The Shorin-ryu Shorinkan, Nakazato Dojo. He also resumed bojutsu training under Seiro Tonaki's teacher's son, Masami Chinen. On November 4, 2007, The Prime Minister, under the hand of the Emperor of Japan, awarded to Nakazato Sensei the "Order of the Rising Sun with Gold and Silver Rays" - Asahi Soukou sho. From all the prefectures in Japan a total of 960 Asahi medals had been awarded in various fields with Shugoro Nakazato Sensei being the ONLY martial artist to be presented with this prestigious award.

We are the 3rd generation of Midwest Karate Academy, a martial arts school in South Bend, IN. It was founded by Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita and Sensei James Ninios over 50 years ago. Kyoshi Jerry Wroblewski ran it for over 40 of those years. Today, Shihan Kris Gravender and Shidoin Brian Bengtsson continue its legacy and tradition as Suibukan of Indiana, an homage to Osensei Yamashita's organization.

Suibukan of Indiana is an affiliate martial arts school of Yamashita International Budo Association