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Direct Okinawan Lineage

Sokon "Bushi" Matsumura

Sokon Matsumura - Suibukan of IndianaPeriod of time: 19th aeon
Bushi Matsumura was born in 1797, and died in 1889. Matsumura grew up in Yamagawa village of the city of Shuri, Okinawa. He began his training in karate-do under Sakugawa when he was 14 years old. According to tradition, it was at Bushi’s father’s request that Sakugawa teach him. Sakugawa trained him up until his death. Bushi was recruited into the service of the Sho family. It is also known that he served as a bodyguard to the last three Ryukyuan Kings. Many sources say that Bushi Matsumura trained in China, and it is certainly a strong tradition. We do know that he spent at least 20 years there from the records that were kept for the Okinawan King. He also trained under the Chinese military attaché Kusanku. Matsumura originated the Pinewood kata Chinto and created the karate style of Shorin-Ryu. Among his noteworthy students were Yasutsune Azato, Yasutsune Itosu, Choshin Chibana, Choki Motobu and Chotoku Kyan.

We are the 3rd generation of Midwest Karate Academy, a martial arts school in South Bend, IN. It was founded by Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita and Sensei James Ninios over 50 years ago. Kyoshi Jerry Wroblewski ran it for over 40 of those years. Today, Shihan Kris Gravender and Shidoin Brian Bengtsson continue its legacy and tradition as Suibukan of Indiana, an homage to Osensei Yamashita's organization.

Suibukan of Indiana is an affiliate martial arts school of Yamashita International Budo Association