Suibukan of Indiana, LLC
3612 Mishawaka Ave - South Bend, IN 46615 - 574.288.2258





Welcome to Our Dojo

Thank you for your interest in our dojo. We teach Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate do, Okinawan weapons, Aiki do, Yoga, and Hojutsu-ryu. Suibukan translates as "school of the warrior who moves like water." The head of our system, Osensei Tadashi Yamashita, teaches karate that is dynamic and flowing, like waves crashing on the shore. We defend and attack with constant movement, to and from one technique to the next, continually directing power, energy and speed toward the opponent. From his lifetime of studying Okinawan Shorin-ryu Karate do, Osensei Yamashita developed Suikendo: "way of the fist that moves like water."

Senseis Ninios, Nakazato, Yamashita

Senseis Bengtsson, Gravender, Yamashita and Wroblewski

We are the 3rd generation of Midwest Karate Academy, a martial arts school in South Bend, IN. It was founded by Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita and Sensei James Ninios over 50 years ago. Kyoshi Jerry Wroblewski ran it for over 40 of those years. Today, Shihan Kris Gravender and Shidoin Brian Bengtsson continue its legacy and tradition as Suibukan of Indiana, an homage to Osensei Yamashita's organization.

Suibukan of Indiana is an affiliate martial arts school of Yamashita International Budo Association